Forgive from your heart

09-17-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

Reconciliation is a demand (exigence) of discipleship. The person who breaks up with their brother/sister and does not feel bad about it doesn't understand the whole idea of the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, the Kingdom of Heaven lives in unity, inclusion, and truth.

Those who exclude reconciliation from their life because of its difficulty to put it into practice miss the point of embracing the project of the Kingdom.


“If today you listen his voice harden not Your heart!”

09-10-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

This week we have this response in the Psalm. This small phrase has a strong message for all who listen. As we continue to walk in the path of our faith, we have to go out to a world that is full of noise, with many sounds distracting us everywhere we go. That means that when we try to pay attention to a particular sound it becomes harder for many of us, and many time impossible to heard or even making out the sound. We are surrounded by many ways of distraction and often we give up listening, and that many time leads us to just go in automatic form.


Lose ourselves to be found.

09-03-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

In the Gospel this week, we encounter Christ on the road with the disciples. This week, too, we re-encounter Peter, being the first one to speak. Peter is the one who represents the human encounter with the divine. What do we mean? Well, if we pay attention, how many times do we put ourselves in the shoes of Peter? We, as followers of Christ, after seeing everything that he does for us and after seeing the miracle of life that we see every day. And yet, we question the plan of God.


"Who do people say that the Son of Man is?"

08-27-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

This is a question that resounds in the Gospel. We have the apostles answering with the things they have heard from others. Then Jesus follows with another question, "But who do you say that I am?" and the one that speaks is Peter. If we have been attentive in the previous Sunday readings, Peter has been very outspoken. Only sometimes saying the right thing, and yet being the first one. In this Gospel Reading, he does not make an exception. However, if we pay attention, the disciples can say what others have said about Jesus, but only Peter expresses his faith.


Humility in our Greatness

08-20-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

Brothers and Sisters,

This week we are celebrating our Patron Feast. This week we have special readings that express the life of Saint Rose of Lima and her life as a holy woman that cared for people experiencing poverty of her time. The reading of the book of Sirach gives us an introduction to the life of Holiness.

Humility and greatness come together; it might sound like two polar words. However, if we look at the life of Saint Rose of Lima, it shows that these two words come to express the life of a Saint. Brothers and Sisters, let us come together and celebrate the life of this saint and learn from Saint Rose.


"Do not be afraid."

08-13-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Peace.

In the Gospel reading, we see an instance in which those who follow Jesus were afraid. That also should make us ponder the relationship of those who followed Jesus in their time; they were insecure. We could also say that even in our time, we are not different from those disciples. We struggle to follow and become afraid or discouraged in times of trouble.


He Shows Them His Glory

08-06-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

According to the dictionary definition, to be transfigured is to “transform into something more beautiful or elevated.” This is what we see happening in Matthew’s Gospel today: Jesus takes his closest disciples up the mountain and there he is transformed – he is transfigured – before them. "His face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light”.