God is Faithful

12-31-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

One of the most important characteristics of the Holy Family of Nazareth was God's faithfulness present in their midst. It was through God's faithfulness that Jesus, Mary and Joseph faced and conquered all adversities and did not give up. The Holy Family is an inspirational model for all the families of Jesus' disciples, our families.



12-25-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today in the city of David, the savior is born!

The first ones to welcome Him were the shepherds in the periphery of Bethlehem. They were discriminated against and unwelcomed by everyone because their flock represented a threat to the farmers.


Mary, the Blessed One

12-23-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, Ave!

The Angel's greeting calls attention to a fundamental aspect of the person of Mary in the economy of salvation. Kecharitomene, full of God's grace. To be blessed, kecharitomene, has great importance if and because it is connected with her mission, given by God. The Father counted on her to be the mother of the Holy One, His Son. For that reason, He has prepared her since the day of her conception.


The Identity of the Baptist

12-17-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, Rejoice in the Lord!

The identity of John the Baptist was not understood right away by the disciples of Jesus. They started to see that his preaching, along with the austerity of his life, had several similarities with the prophet Elijah.


The Way of the Lord

12-10-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, let us say "Maranatha"!

The "way" is a constant theme in the Bible. The historical tradition was the way leading out of the land of oppression - Egypt - to the land of brotherhood, through which milk and honey flow, the Promised Land. The sapiential (wisdom) tradition speaks of the way of life, referring to the choice of good and truth, instead of the way of death, impiety, and perversion.


The Responsibility of the Servants

12-03-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes


The metaphor of the master and the servants marks the spirit of Advent. In fact, this liturgical season focuses on the waiting of the Lord.

On one hand, the Lord has already come historically in the event of the incarnation of the word in Jesus of Nazareth. On the other He comes constantly and makes himself present in the life of each disciple of the Kingdom, calling him to solidarity and brotherly love.


Pathway to Progress: Contract Executed

12-03-2023Campaign Progress

In our most recent update, we shared significant progress in the realization of the Marian Center and Athletic Field Relocation projects. Following the announcement of the selection of designers in our previous update, we have concluded contract negotiations with Bauer Askew Architects for the Marian Center Renovation.

The contract has been reviewed by the Diocese, and we are delighted to announce its execution. To kick off this transformative endeavor, a project Kick Off meeting was conducted on Nov 29th with the Ministry Leaders representing the Food Pantry, Backpack Ministry, Bridge Ministry, Saint Rose Radio, Boy Scouts, and Knights of Columbus. These leaders, being primary users of the renovated facility and additional storage spaces, actively participated in discussions.