Pathway to Progress: What's happening...behind the scenes?

09-25-2023Campaign Progress

Since our last update, we have advertised for an architect for the Marian Center Renovation as well as for the Athletic Field Relocation. We received six submittals on the Marian Center and nine submittals on the Athletic Field Relocation. A selection committee of Jim Rose, Neal Terrell, Leslee Dodd Karl, Will Moorehead, Jose Portillo and myself discussed each submittal and short listed two firms for each project. They are Bauer Askew Architects and WBA Architects for the Marian Center and Gresham Smith and Kimley Horn for the Athletic Field Relocation. Next we will ask each firm to present their ideas regarding scope and schedule. We hope to complete that effort in the next couple weeks, select a top-ranked firm and negotiate a contract by mid-October.


The First in the Kingdom

09-24-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

The question of precedence in the kingdom of God arose among the disciples very early on. The criteria of “first come first served” was the general idea. The first disciples called, naturally took precedence over the others, they thought. The more recently they were called, the more they deserved the last places. But was that God’s criteria? Jesus shows them that the reality is very different. Our Lord has criteria very different from our human way of thinking.


Saint Rose has an eBay online selling site.

09-17-2023Campaign Progress

Saint Rose has an eBay online selling site. It is called: strosegifts. All money raised will go to the Saint Rose Capital Campaign. Several of us have been working on this site for many weeks. We are about ready to go live.

If you have an item to donate, please call: Brenda D'Amico 615-427-8967 or Deacon John 615-427-8968.


Forgive from your heart

09-17-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

Reconciliation is a demand (exigence) of discipleship. The person who breaks up with their brother/sister and does not feel bad about it doesn't understand the whole idea of the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, the Kingdom of Heaven lives in unity, inclusion, and truth.

Those who exclude reconciliation from their life because of its difficulty to put it into practice miss the point of embracing the project of the Kingdom.


“If today you listen his voice harden not Your heart!”

09-10-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

This week we have this response in the Psalm. This small phrase has a strong message for all who listen. As we continue to walk in the path of our faith, we have to go out to a world that is full of noise, with many sounds distracting us everywhere we go. That means that when we try to pay attention to a particular sound it becomes harder for many of us, and many time impossible to heard or even making out the sound. We are surrounded by many ways of distraction and often we give up listening, and that many time leads us to just go in automatic form.


Lose ourselves to be found.

09-03-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. O. Alejandro Avelino

In the Gospel this week, we encounter Christ on the road with the disciples. This week, too, we re-encounter Peter, being the first one to speak. Peter is the one who represents the human encounter with the divine. What do we mean? Well, if we pay attention, how many times do we put ourselves in the shoes of Peter? We, as followers of Christ, after seeing everything that he does for us and after seeing the miracle of life that we see every day. And yet, we question the plan of God.