Classes for adults and children are held weekly from 6:30-8 pm on Tuesday evenings (August to May). In addition to the Tuesday class we ask that children attend PSR classes on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 am with their peers. Volunteers working with children are required to have a background check.

Each person is expected to attend the sessions regularly and participate in the Rites scheduled at certain liturgies throughout the year. RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. RCIA is the means by which an interested party is instructed and, if they desire, welcomed into full participation of the Catholic Faith. The process is for those who have not been baptized in any denomination as well as those who have been baptized in another faith religion.

Join us at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays (August to May) for refreshments and an opportunity to learn more about Catholicism. Come have your questions answered, you are not obligated to become Catholic.

Those who have never been baptized:

RCIA is the process by which one comes to know about Jesus Christ and His Church. The process begins with several inquiry sessions addressing such things as The Existence of God, The Story of the People of God, The 4 Marks of the Church and more. If after the time of inquiry one feels they are ready to continue their journey then they can be entered into the Rite of Welcoming and then continue the process in the Catechumenate, which is a time of learning more about the Church and all that the Lord has done for us. Topics include The Liturgy, Mercy and Justice, The Battle of Prayer and much more. It is a process by which one comes to know God and His work in our life. If during the time of the Catechumenate you feel called to continue the process you can officially enter into the period know as Purification and Enlightenment. This period begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with entry into the Church at Easter. During this part of the process, one is taught more time is given for reflection and prayer.

After one is baptized the process does not end. The period of the Neophyte year, meaning “new light”, is for those who have just entered the Church at Easter. During this period the Church focuses on the work of the Church and its ministries as all as organizations to which one can belong.

For those who have been baptized in another denomination:

Those who are already baptized in another Christian denomination but desire to become part of the Catholic Faith are also a part of the RCIA process but can be brought in at different times of the year, not just during the Easter Season. During this time the individual is introduced to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Candidate is included in the RCIA process and is encouraged to attend Mass. Candidates for reception into the Church are encouraged to participate in the life of the Church in all ways, with the exception of the sacraments until such time as is directed.

There is no fee for the program. You may come just to learn and to listen and feel free to leave at any time if you feel you are not called to the Catholic Church. For more information please feel free to call us at 615-893-1843 and ask for the Religious Education Office.