Goals and Purpose:

Spiritual growth and friendship during a three-day spiritual retreat. The purpose is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Upon completing the retreat, the “fourth day” begins — living the rest of one’s life by the power of the Gospel.


Participants are encouraged to bloom where they are planted, spreading the Word.

Cursillo is a Movement for Catholics. It provides a method for those who want to develop their spiritual life and to live better Christian lives in their everyday environments.

Cursillo Weekends

Retreats for 2024
Men's Retreat February 22-25
Women's Retreat March 14-17

Upcoming dates for Cursillo weekends can be found at

The Cursillo experience begins with the Three-Day-Weekend held at Camp Marymount in Fairview, Tennessee. The Weekend begins at 8:00pm Thursday evening and ends at about 7:00pm Sunday evening. During the weekend, there are nine talks given by lay people, and five talks and five meditations given by clergy. The Eucharist is celebrated each day and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available.

The title of the talks indicate their content: Ideal, Grace, Lay Person in the Church, Faith, Piety, Study, Sacraments, Obstacles to Life of Grace, Action, Leaders, Study of the Environment, Christianity in Action, Christian Life, and Total Security. Each talk is followed by a discussion period.

After the Weekend

Cursillo also provides the tools to continue one’s Christian development beyond the weekend through the Group Reunion, the Ultreya and Spiritual Direction.

The Group Reunion: After the weekend, new cursillistas are encouraged to join a small group or to form their own small groups. Groups meet weekly, with a structured format, to share where they are in their prayer life, and their Christian study and action. The Group Reunion serves as a reminder of the commitments made on the Cursillo Weekend and as an encouragement to persevere in those commitments.

The Ultreya“Ultreya!” is a Spanish word that means “Onward!” In the Cursillo Movement, it is used to signify another perseverance tool that is available weekly to all cursillistas. At the Ultreya, one shares with people from other groups and parishes, and listens to speakers on how God has been working in their life.

Spiritual Direction: The Cursillo also encourages cursillistas to find a Spiritual Director and to meet with him or her periodically to discuss and plan their spiritual development.

The Cursillo Sponsor

Everyone who wants to go on a Cursillo Weekend has to be sponsored by someone who has made a Cursillo. The sponsor is responsible for the following: explaining the Weekend and answering questions; transporting to and from Camp Marymount; helping the new cursillista find a group; and introducing the new cursillista to the Ultreya.

Married Couples

There is a Weekend for men and a Weekend for women. There is no rule as to which spouse should make Cursillo first. Also, one spouse can make the Weekend without the other ever making it. It is important, however, that both spouses discuss and understand what Cursillo involves, and that the person not making the Weekend is supportive of the person making the Weekend. This is especially important if one of the spouses is non-Catholic. For non-Catholics, other faiths have Weekends patterned after the Cursillo Weekend.