Saint Rose Radio

Goals and Purpose:

Saint Rose Radio was established to bring the Truth of our Catholic faith to our community as part of the New Evangelization with the purpose of changing lives and saving souls. In conjunction with EWTN, Saint Rose Radio brings 24/7 solid Catholic programming to Murfreesboro as an evangelization outreach to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. All programming, aided by the Holy Spirit, is designed to gain an understanding of our faith, help us in our daily walk with the Lord, as well as help us grow in love of the Catholic faith as intended by our Lord Jesus Christ, Scripture and magisterial teachings.


Saint Rose Radio asks for:

  1. Your prayers for the Holy Spirit to touch lives of all who listen.
  2. Your time to listen at home, on line or in the car.
  3. To promote the station to family, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. Placing a bumper sticker on your car so others know where to find the Truth.
  5. Support to keep this ministry going for years to come.