Faith Formation Mission & Objectives

Before he ascended to the Father, Jesus Christ commissioned the Apostles "to make disciples of all nations." (Catechesi Tradendae, 1) To this end, the Office of Faith Formation supports a wide array of discipleship opportunities for parishioners, including OCIA, Senior Bible Study, Life Teen, University Catholic, and many others.

Mission Statement

The Office of Faith Formation cultivates intimate communion with Christ through systematic and organic instruction in Christian doctrine and Christ-centered community.

"[T]he definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ: only He can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity." (CT 5)

"All in all, it can be taken here that catechesis is an education of children, young people and adults in the faith, which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life." (CT 18)


The Office of Faith Formation equips students to (General Directory 85-86):

  • Understand and explain the central doctrines of the faith
  • Participate fully in the liturgy
  • Practice the Beatitudes and Decalogue
  • Pray with filial confidence and maturity
  • Participate resposibly in the activities and life of the local church and form Christ-centered relationships.
  • Cooperate in the missionary mandate of the Church