Pathway to Progress: Volunteers Needed!

01-28-2024Campaign Progress

Volunteers are needed to help with the capital campaign (e.g. mailings, planning events, calling nights, etc.). If you are interested in supporting our efforts in this capacity, please contact Karin Gleason via email at or call her at 615.898.0555, extension 1070.

Se necesitan voluntarios para ayudar con la campaña capital (por ejemplo, envíos por correo, planificación de eventos, noches de llamadas, etc.). Si está interesado en apoyar nuestros esfuerzos en esta capacidad, comuníquese con Karin Gleason por correo electrónico a o llámela al 615.898.0555, extensión 1070.

The Holy One of God

01-28-2024Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

The evangelist uses the voice of a man with an unclean spirit to identify who Jesus is most accurately, The Holy One of God! This expression synthesizes the identity of the Master in the most peculiar way. Holiness was a mark of Jesus' ministry and proximity with God, the Holy par excellence. Jesus is Holy because He is God with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Also because in His life and heart there was no space for selfishness, nor did it influence His actions.


Let the Mission Begin

01-21-2024Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

Jesus' mission begins when John the Baptist is arrested. His ministry wasn't parallel nor in competition with John's. Neither was Jesus' ministry the continuation of John's ministry. It was something totally different. The messianic vision of Jesus left aside the preaching of the Baptist and followed its own pattern.


They Went and Saw

01-14-2024Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

We are starting again at ordinary time and right away, we are in front of an invitation from Jesus, "Come and See". The disciples of John went and saw where Jesus lived and what kind of rabbi he was. They stayed with Him. What did they see? Or what did they want to see? Was it just curiosity on their part? For the master Jesus was a pilgrim, with no housing nor means.


Pathway to Progress: International Festival 2024

01-14-2024Campaign Progress

Last year's International Festival was a huge success! Thank you to all who shared their culture through either food, song or dance. Thank you also to all who celebrated our diversity at Saint Rose of Lima, by attending.

In hopes of making this year's event even better, we need to start planning now! If you are interested in being a part of the 2024 team, please contact Karin Gleason via email: or phone: 615.898.0555, extension 1070.


Pathway to Progress: Parish presentations coming soon!

01-07-2024Campaign Progress

Since our last update in early December, progress on the Saint Rose Development has been ongoing, albeit not as robust as anticipated due to the holiday season. Nevertheless, we have made sufficient strides to forecast a busy January ahead.

In relation to the Marian Center, the structural engineer from Bauer Askew has conducted a comprehensive inspection, resulting in a forthcoming report detailing his findings. Overall, the building's structure is in good condition; however, they identified issues that may impact the optimal utilization of the space. A meeting with the architects is scheduled for mid- January to explore available options. We will provide a comprehensive update on our recommendations following that discussion.


The Epiphany of the Lord


Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

The feast of the Epiphany of the Lord corresponds to the contemplation of humanity who quest for salvation. The Magi, traveling from far away, and asking for information here and there, are symbols of those who, step by step, are searching for the meaning of life. They are resolved to accomplish their goal.