Pathway to Progress: Master Plan Update

11-05-2023Campaign Progress

We continue to make progress on the Masterplan Update, Marian Center Renovation, and Athletic Field Relocation. After notifying the successful design firms for the Marian Center and Athletic Field

Relocation projects, we began detailed scope and fee negotiations. Some may question what that means since many of the parish are more familiar with low-bid projects than professional services. When it comes to “professional services” like architectural and engineering design, low bid is not the preferred option, in fact, it's against federal and state law when public money is used, as it does give the owner the best outcomes.

It’s sort of like going to the cheapest surgeon for surgery. Our goal is “best value” so we are working collaboratively with the design firms to develop scope and fee for the work to be accomplished, and then paying for the hours needed to perform the work, using standard industry rates for each task. We hope to complete that negotiation in the next few days.

As far as an update on the 30 acres to the north, we received the Forestry Management Plan needed for our USDA application for funding to help clear out the underbrush. Our application will be submitted by early next week. If successful, we will see funding sometime in 2024.

Finally, we continue to work on the Masterplan Update. We plan to have another ONE Building Committee Meeting in mid-December and then be in a position to socialize the alternatives with the entire parish before finalizing the plan.

Please feel free to call on me any time if you want more detail or other information. Wayne Overman, 615-414-5731 or