Pathway to Progress: What's happening...behind the scenes?

09-25-2023Campaign Progress

Since our last update, we have advertised for an architect for the Marian Center Renovation as well as for the Athletic Field Relocation. We received six submittals on the Marian Center and nine submittals on the Athletic Field Relocation. A selection committee of Jim Rose, Neal Terrell, Leslee Dodd Karl, Will Moorehead, Jose Portillo and myself discussed each submittal and short listed two firms for each project. They are Bauer Askew Architects and WBA Architects for the Marian Center and Gresham Smith and Kimley Horn for the Athletic Field Relocation. Next we will ask each firm to present their ideas regarding scope and schedule. We hope to complete that effort in the next couple weeks, select a top-ranked firm and negotiate a contract by mid-October.

In other news, Leslee Dodd Karl has continued her efforts on ways to use the 30-acre tract to the north of the campus. She has been meeting with federal, state and local agencies that have an interest in working with us on how we can use this property. They will also make recommendations on how to compete for grant money. We hope to map the locations of significant trees and invasive species that need to be removed. We want to incorporate this area into our overall master plan for the athletic fields, outdoor classrooms and nature area.

Finally, during the first week of October, we will be meeting with the architect that completed the 2020 Master Plan to continue refining that plan to reflect updates and demographics.

Please feel free to call on me any time if you want more detail or other information: Wayne Overman, 615-414-5731,