New Mass and Confession Times

08-12-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. John Sims Baker

Praised be Jesus Christ! I thank God, and I thank you for the wonderful weekend of prayer and reconciliation we celebrated in the parish last weekend. You all kept Jesus company all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon in times of loving communion and conversation with Him. And you kept me in the confessional practically all day long on Saturday, and again with Fr. Joe's help on Sunday afternoon. Praise Him!

This week we have begun our daily (Mon-Thu) evening Mass at 6:00pm, preceded by confessions at 5:00pm. This weekend, we begin offering confessions 30 minutes before each of the Sunday Masses. And beginning Wed, Aug 15 the daily morning Masses will move to 7:00am, Mon-Fri, with 8:15am Masses on Friday and Saturday.

I pray that these Mass and confession times will make it possible for more of us to participate in the greatest gifts ever given: Jesus Himself in the Holy Mass and His Divine Mercy in Confession. I hope, in particular, that families can find time to come to Mass and/or Confession together during the week. The 7:00am Mass is designed to fit into school and work schedules. Don't worry, we will be conscious of time! And the evening Mass and Confession times will perhaps allow for a family church night.

Remember the saying attributed to St. John Vianney, the patron of parish priests: "Any day on which you worthily assist at Mass is a perfect day!" I pray that we have many perfect days ahead!

Fr. John Sims Baker