So what do we do now?

08-26-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. John Sims Baker

I can hear the question: “So what do we do now?” I am glad that you asked because it brings me back to my favorite answer: PRAY! I can hear the next question: “How?” OK – here are some suggestions.

  1. Find a time, and stick to it. This goes for everyone: families, couples, individuals – like I said, everyone! We are creatures of habit so make prayer a habit. Especially for families, this is the time of year to be establishing routines. Be sure to make family prayer a necessary part of your routine.
  2. Once you have a time set, here are some suggestions of what to do with the time. Feel free to mix and match, depending on what works for the ages involved, the time available or appropriate, etc.
  • Get yourself and everyone settled down and aware that God is present!
  • Read aloud a passage of scripture – maybe the Gospel of the day or for the upcoming Sunday. Perhaps allow time to reflect on the passage either silently or out loud. This can be extended as appropriate. This step is the listening part of the conversation with God that is prayer.
  • Allow time for each family member to pray for someone or something – intercessory prayer; to pray in thanksgiving for someone or something; to ask forgiveness from someone or for something.
  • Find a way to show your love for the Father, for Jesus, for the Holy Spirit, for the Blessed Virgin and the saints in your prayer. Even a “Glory Be” will do! This is most important. We have to have the love!
  • Wrap it up all together – an “Our Father”, a decade of the Rosary, a song, etc.

I am already hearing the groans: “I/We can’t do that! It’s so...awkward!” No, it’s not. It’s just taking God seriously and talking to Him like a friend. Just do it!

Finally, I want to encourage the men to “man up.” Don’t leave this to your wives to organize or exempt yourself. Be the father of your domestic church! I will be praying for you all.

Fr. John Sims Baker