Week of August 27


Father Andre told us how much the people of Robillard, Haiti look forward to our mission team of nurses and doctors who come to serve them each year. Our arrival is one of great hope that God promises all his children. They see our smiles, soft words and gentle touches come from the Holy Spirit through "les Américains". Right now, our Medical Mission team leader Gloria Kane is looking for people interested in helping with in the Rose Merci Clinic. Medical education is not necessary because we need helpers, too. If you are interested in going, please respond NOW! The St Rose Medical Mission has been set for January 25 to February 1, 2018.


Week of August 13


Fr. Andre’s visit was such a gift to St. Rose. We want to thank all the parishioners for the warmwelcome. And, thank you for supporting our FUNDING THE FUTURE fund drive. Fr. Andreanticipates an enrollment of 400 children. Parents pay a tuition fee of $6 which goes towardsteacher salaries and maintenance of the school buildings. Parents are expected to provide schooluniforms which can be purchased in flea markets in Cap-Haitien. We used to have the sewingclass offer to make uniforms; but, the materials needed cost more than what is available in the fleamarkets. Our goal for FUNDING THE FUTURE is $10,000. Obviously, a $6 tuition fee doesn’tcover all the cost. But, Fr. Andre believes, and we agree, that when one pays for a service, it isviewed as more valuable than what is free. The average weekly income in Robillard is less than$3.00. Therefore, our donations to FUNDING THE FUTURE supplement the cost of educatingeach child. And, yes, there are children who are fully sponsored. Besides the uniform, each childmust wear underpants, socks and shoes. Some children come to school with mix-matched shoesor flip-flops.