Week of April 9

04-09-2017Haiti News

Marion Sheehan was an energetic woman who loved serving God. In 2002, she offered to help raise the customary gift of $2000 to send to our sister parish in Haiti. Not knowing anything about the country or the sister parish, she sought info. There was little info available. But, she persisted. At a diocesan conference for women she was introduced to another "missionary" to Haiti who enthusiastically began to share her experiences in Haiti. The woman began with, "When you go to Haiti…" At that moment Marion thought, "Wait a minute, I am not GOING to Haiti." Within 4 months she was communicating with a priest at the parish Notre Dame de la Merci in Robillard, Haiti. Thus, began a ministry which to this day is going strong. In her time as leader, Marion organized fundraising to build a Clinic which is fully staffed. Other classrooms were added. Buildings were repaired and painted. Electricity was expanded from a single generator. Clear water flows from four wells.

A tech education building was built. Other useful space was added. A birthing center was completed and staffed. School children receive a nutritious meal mid-morning each day. A 12-bed infirmary is in its final stage of completion. After 12 years of work, the disease Alzheimer's took strong hold of her and she needed to hand off the work to others. On March 31, 2017, Marion died peacefully in her sleep. May her legacy continue at St. Rose where she received and answered the call to serve others. May those who serve in this ministry continue with love in their hearts for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. May the parishioners of St. Rose continue their support for, surely, they know that their support indeed makes a difference in God's kingdom. We want to thank all parishioners who visited her once she was in a nursing home. A special thank you to those who brought her Holy Communion. And a special thank you to Fr. Nicholas for administering the Sacrament of the Sick that last day.