Week of February 26

02-26-2017Haiti News

Gloria Kane has forwarded this report. Bonjour from Haiti! We arrived without delay on Thursday a fternoon. Fr Andre and Fr Michel were at the airport to transport us via trucks back to Robillard. Always a bumpy ride! We unpacked medicines which were donated through St. Thomas Hospital and worked with Haitian staff to set up the Rose-Merci Clinic and determined who would work where. Friday morning there was Mass and then breakfast. The Rose-Merci Clinic started with a prayer in both English and Kreyol for our doctors, Haitian doctors, nurses, support staff and patients. Midday we took a break to celebrate the birth of a healthy baby boy. We treated 57 patients and most had lab tests and medications. We took a well-deserved break for lunch and a brief rest period since we were not accustomed to the heat and humidity. In the afternoon, lab tests were studied and any adjustments in medicines and treatment follow up were done. Supper was a wonderful time for enjoying a good meal and chatting. We decided to go up into the hills the next day and have a mobile clinic which meant carrying supplies and medical equipment. The Chapelle Lonquest has an open shelter and is used for various activities including the celebration of Mass.

We treated 69 patients, ages 3 to 96. One was a burned leg. Open fires for cooking and light pose a huge hazard for toddlers. Besides the burn, we treated patients with elevated blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and gastritis. The downhill trip was much lighter. We showered and rested the remaining time until supper. Sunday starts with Mass. Fr. Andre tells us that many people walk up to 5 miles to the church on Sunday. Given the start time for Mass that meant the trek was in dark. There was a power failure and the church electricity was started with power from the truck battery! We noticed that the parking area was filled with 2 motorcycles. Mass lasts upwards of 2 hours with lots of singing. We had a breakfast and then loaded into the truck to go to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage for Mass with the nuns, staff and children. After Mass we talked to the children and adults. We headed back to Robillard in the truck with our fingers crossed that we would not lose a wheel, run out of oil or have mechanical problems. Fr. Andre cannot wait for his new (used) truck to arrive. We all plan to walk around the village, take naps and just rest the afternoon away until supper. Monday morning comes quickly. Bonsoir!

Heads Up! Mar 18/19 we will collect donations to ship to Haiti! We need lots of used canvas shoes for the children in school--gently used and clean shoes tied in pairs. We need infant, toddler and children's clothing up to size 6X. Teen T-shirts are appreciated. All ages of vitamins baby drops to adult multivitamins.

Check next week for additional items needed. Thank you!