Middle School (Fides)

Our Middle School Ministry consists of:

Youth nights: Fides meets for youth nights regularly on Wednesday nights following 6:00pm Mass until 8:30pm. We play fun games, form relationships, talk about our Catholic faith, and break out into small groups to discuss.

Exposure to the Sacraments: There is a equal emphasis on sacramental participation as the youth are allowed opportunities to attend Mass, Adoration, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Social Justice: Through service opportunities the middle school youth are able to learn more about and perform Corporal Works of Mercy.

Prayer: As Catholics we have so many methods of prayer at our disposal. We teach and utilize these various forms of prayer while inspiring the youth to actively utilize them in their own lives.

Retreats/Trips: We offer middle school teens the ability to participate in diocesan retreats like Holy Fire and Youth 2000 as well as Life Teen's Hidden Lake Camp.

Upcoming Events