Honoring Father Michael

Parish News

Did you know that Fr. Michael loves letters?

Let's surprise him with loads of letters for his going away. Drop them in the church office lock box or mail to 1601 N. Tennessee Blvd., M'Boro, TN 37130.

After serving Saint Rose Parish with his patient care, Fr. Michael will be moving to St. Joseph in Madison. He will especially be helping with the Hispanic community there and perhaps in other parishes as well. We know how well suited he will be for that ministry. Fr. Michael has offered his gentle and warm pastoral presence throughout the parish, and he has been particularly instrumental in the incorporation of our Hispanic community into the full life of Saint Rose Parish. We literally could not have done it without him! Although Fr. Michael has not served in the parish for many years, he definitely leaves a legacy for Saint Rose. We are grateful for his service and for his presence here, and we can understand that his talents are needed and recognized in his new assignment as they have been here at Saint Rose.