Youth Ministry

Mission Statement:

We, at Saint Rose of Lima, strive to provide the Young Church an opportunity to build community with not only the local congregation of believers, but also strive to create an awareness and vision of unity with the whole Universal Church. Our goal is to empower discipleship; encourage participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic Church; and to foster personal and spiritual growth of each young person. Here at St. Rose of Lima, we dare the Young Church to strive for sainthood.

Why Participate in the Youth Program?

Not only is it fun, but everyone is welcome! Regardless of age, there is always a role that can be filled in this ministry. Whether you are a participant in our PSR classes, Middle School Youth Program, High School Youth Program, Young Adult Ministry, or one of our amazing volunteers, your time and talents create a sense of family and love centered upon Christ. While we are centered on creating an environment of fellowship, service, and love of Christ and His Church to the youth, those who volunteer also are deepened and renewed personally and spiritually. Here at Saint Rose of Lima, we call our Young Church to “Take Courage and to Not be Afraid” to “Cast their nets in the deep,” while always remaining grounded in love and community. Our goal for our youth ministry is to awaken the young church and show they can make a difference within their communities, their parish, and abroad because they are grounded on Christ and His Church.