Saint Rose Bridge Ministry

Our Mission

To assist Saint Rose parishioners and those in the community having financial difficulties. We provide limited monetary assistance as funds allow and/or referrals to other local resources. All personal information is kept in utmost confidence.

Goals and Purpose

To provide limited financial assistance and/or referrals to other programs to our parishioners and the surrounding community as funds allow. Also, to offer food from our food pantry and assist in obtaining shelter and prayers for the homeless.


Meet with applicants and fill out interview forms. Enter names and information into database. After the close of the day, review all applicants and see what we can do to best prevent utility shutoffs and evictions, as well as provide shelter and food. Volunteers work on the Tuesday of their choice for three hours. Bridge is open Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m..

Our History

The need for the Bridge Ministry arose from a constant and increasing number of requests for assistance, not only from parishioners but also from the surrounding community. The Saint Rose Bridge Ministry was formed and opened its doors in March of 2010. Since then, the Bridge Ministry has served over 350 people each year with financial aid and countless others with referrals to other services within our community.

What We Do

Each Tuesday morning the Bridge Ministry opens its doors. Parishioners and non parishioners from the Murfreesboro area visit us with stories and requests for help. Each person receives one-on-one attention as we gather pertinent information about his or her needs. We first attempt to address any financial requests and then from a list of other community services, direct them toward a solution to better suit any additional needs. With a limited budget each week, our goal is to assist as many as we can with what we have available to prevent utility shut-offs, evictions and assist as we can for other emergencies.

Please call BRIDGE at 692-0159 on Tuesdays between 10:00 a.m. and noon.