Haiti Mission Ministries

In 2002 our Saint Rose Haiti Mission Committee was formed. Our sister parish is Merci Parish in Robillard, Haiti. We were partnered with them through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas (PTPA).This program has joined 350+ parishes in the United States and Canada with parishes in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. 100% of donations received are sent to Notre Dame Parish.

Haiti Mission Statement

We, the parish family of Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church commit to answer God’s call by:

  • supporting our Haitian brothers and sisters at Notre Dame de la Merci through prayers, financial assistance and personal encounters.
  • becoming One In Christ by sharing faith, life experiences and cultures.

Goals and Purpose

We commit to Jesus’ command to take care of the poor. We provide opportunities to support our Haitian brothers and sisters at Notre Dame de la Merci in Haiti. We encourage those who are called to be missionaries to go to Haiti and share our faith. With these personal encounters and visits from the pastor in Haiti, we grow in the Spirit and are changed.


  • Annual Spring Shipment (April/May): Find storage for collected items, prepare publicity, collect items to go to Haiti, help sort and pack items, help take boxes to the warehouse.
  • Funding the Future (Summer): Provides tuition for school children, arrange publicity, mount pictures of children on display boards, collect donations, give pictures and certificates.
  • Mission Trips: Sign up to go on a mission trip to Haiti, assist coordinators in obtaining needed items.
  • Hospitality: Host visitors for lunch and supper, take visitors to interesting places and activities. Communications: Design posters, research and develop information for bulletins, contact newspaper and radio stations, create PowerPoint presentations, maintain a website.
  • Committee Meetings: Attend meetings, share information. Recruit New Haiti Mission Committee Members: Through personal contact with parishioners. Food 4 Kids: Help raise interest in funding basic mid-morning meals to feed the children at the parish school (September – June). Volunteers are asked to attend meetings for 1-2 hours per month. If you are looking to develop humility, step right up! Together we do make a difference.

Haiti Update Jul 7

You know from your own experience that maintaining a food producing garden is work. There can be different challenges in maintaining productive gardens in Haiti. One of the more pressing issues is lack of rainfall. Drought and inaccessibility to water can greatly impact the success of any gardening efforts. Currently, there are two hand-pump wells available to bring water to school gardens. The children have already set up large plastic drums to catch rainfall as it drains off of the roofs of several nearby buildings within the church and school complex. The children use watering cans to carry the water to the gardens from these sources. As you can imagine, this can be tedious and extremely inefficient way to irrigate large gardens considering the size of the two plots of land. The children are already accustomed to carrying home 5-gallon buckets on top of their head from the wells daily anyway. Each bucket of water weighs about 32 lbs. In cooperation with our agronomist Renold, we are navigating options for an irrigation system to help solve this issue. Renold is bringing an Haitian engineer to Robillard to assess our gardens and propose options for more efficient irrigation. We are also consulting with Perry Bruggeman, a horticulturalist from Ohio who has extensive experience implementing irrigation systems in our area in Haiti. He is an acquaintance of Fr. Andre. We are excited to see what the future holds for this project and pray that God continues to bless us in this endeavor to encourage self reliance in our sister parish. Your financial support, interest and prayers do make a difference.

Fr. Andre Sylvestre asylvestre9@gmail.com 

Faith in Action

  • 11 mission trips to Robillard
  • Rose/Merci health clinic
  • Funding the Future education sponsorship
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Living quarters for visitors
  • Security wall around school compound
  • 2 new school buildings (grammar & vocational)
  • 12.5kw industrial diesel generator for electric power
  • Clean water filtration system
  • Annual shipment of goods to Notre Dame
  • Satellite dish installed for internet service