Haiti Mission Ministries

In 2002 our Saint Rose Haiti Mission Committee was formed. Our sister parish is Merci Parish in Robillard, Haiti. We were partnered with them through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas (PTPA).This program has joined 350+ parishes in the United States and Canada with parishes in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. 100% of donations received are sent to Notre Dame Parish.

Haiti Mission Statement

We, the parish family of Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church commit to answer God’s call by:

  • supporting our Haitian brothers and sisters at Notre Dame de la Merci through prayers, financial assistance and personal encounters.
  • becoming One In Christ by sharing faith, life experiences and cultures.

Goals and Purpose

We commit to Jesus’ command to take care of the poor. We provide opportunities to support our Haitian brothers and sisters at Notre Dame de la Merci in Haiti. We encourage those who are called to be missionaries to go to Haiti and share our faith. With these personal encounters and visits from the pastor in Haiti, we grow in the Spirit and are changed.


  • Annual Spring Shipment (April/May): Find storage for collected items, prepare publicity, collect items to go to Haiti, help sort and pack items, help take boxes to the warehouse.
  • Funding the Future (Summer): Provides tuition for school children, arrange publicity, mount pictures of children on display boards, collect donations, give pictures and certificates.
  • Mission Trips: Sign up to go on a mission trip to Haiti, assist coordinators in obtaining needed items.
  • Hospitality: Host visitors for lunch and supper, take visitors to interesting places and activities. Communications: Design posters, research and develop information for bulletins, contact newspaper and radio stations, create PowerPoint presentations, maintain a website.
  • Committee Meetings: Attend meetings, share information. Recruit New Haiti Mission Committee Members: Through personal contact with parishioners. Food 4 Kids: Help raise interest in funding basic mid-morning meals to feed the children at the parish school (September – June). Volunteers are asked to attend meetings for 1-2 hours per month. If you are looking to develop humility, step right up! Together we do make a difference.

January 19 Update

The month of December heralded a brief re-opening of schools throughout Haiti. Our children were able to attend two weeks of school before Christmas. And last week, the school opened again after Epiphany. Yesterday, we received a brief report from our agronomist Renold George about the school garden. He sent pictures of the children harvesting cabbage. Those pictures lifted our spirits. And we received news that 6 more piglets were born the day before Christmas! We have asked Fr. Andre to employ the part time bookkeeper as a full-time employee. We have assured him that we will pay for the bookkeeper in 2020—that we do not expect him to become a bookkeeper in his spare time. He has enough hats to wear. Pray for continued pause in protests and no further outbreak of violence. This week all of Haiti remembers the earthquake that struck the capitol in 2010. While we have seen great progress in our sister parish over the past 10 years unlike much of Haiti that does not have enough progress on which to build great hope. Our Clinic continues to run full time. Our children have a nutritious meal each day of school. We have young adults attending the University. Our principal Vilius continues attending school to earn another certification. One preschool teacher also continues to go to school daily after working as a teacher at our school. We ask your prayers daily for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Barbara Willour

December 22 Update

Dear Parishioners of St Rose of Lima,

The time of Advent is given to us by the Church to help us prepare the feast of the anniversary of our Savior Jesus Christ. That requires a lot of change in our life for Emmanuel to fill us with blessings. On behalf of all my parishioners, I wish you a quiet time of Advent and a special Merry Christmas. May Emmanuel pour His blessings upon you and your family! From our side, in Haiti, particularly at the parish Notre Dame de la Merci in Robillard where life is as humble as the people in the Old Testament, we are living Advent with many hopes for Emmanuel to satisfy. We hope to have peace of mind throughout our country. We hope one day in Haiti that the lions will live together with lambs as brothers and sisters. We hope that the civil unrest in Haiti will cease. We hope our country will be a better place to live. We hope one day everybody in Haiti will have enough food to eat. Yes, many are hungry. We hope one day all Haitian children will have access to school again. We hope one day everybody in Haiti will have access to health care just like our Rose-Merci Clinic. Please keep us in your prayers so that our dreams can become reality!

Father Andre Sylvestre

Fr. Andre Sylvestre asylvestre9@gmail.com 

Faith in Action

  • 11 mission trips to Robillard
  • Rose/Merci health clinic
  • Funding the Future education sponsorship
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Living quarters for visitors
  • Security wall around school compound
  • 2 new school buildings (grammar & vocational)
  • 12.5kw industrial diesel generator for electric power
  • Clean water filtration system
  • Annual shipment of goods to Notre Dame
  • Satellite dish installed for internet service