Altar Server Training Camps

Jun 27 Parish Activities

I want to invite you to participate in our altar server training camps in the next couple of weeks. My intention is to bring new life and joy to the role of altar serving at Mass. I appreciate very much all you do, and I hope to make the experience even more rewarding. If you have served in the past, even if you have taken a break, I invite you to return if you desire.

Here's the plan!

These dates are for those who have served before to get a refresher and renewal. (Choose one of each).

Thu, Jun 13 at 7:00pm: Positions C and Thurifer
Wed, Jun 19 at 7:00pm: Positions C and Thurifer
Thu, Jun 20 at 7:00pm: Positions A and B

At these sessions we will review procedures as well as introduce a few changes in these positions. We will also commission you for service in these positions at the end of the program each night and have some refreshments and recreation to finish the evening. We should be completely finished by 9:00pm each night. There are two opportunities for each set of serving positions, on different nights each week.

WE HAVE ADDED A SESSION FOR NEW ALTAR SERVERS! If you have not been an altar server before we will have a training session for you on Thu, Jun 27 at 7:00pm Students in 6th grade (fall of 2019) through high school are invited to be altar servers.

All sessions will be held in the church. Please join us!

Fr. John Sims Baker