The Preface Dialog

03-18-2018What We Do as CatholicsFr. Joe Fessenden

Now that the priest has invited everyone to stand and pray, he begins the Eucharistic Prayer. The Eucharistic Prayer begins with the “Preface Dialog.” We say this at every Mass, but we sometimes don’t realize that this is actually the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer, not when the congregation kneels after the Sanctus.


The Eucharistic Prayer

03-04-2018What We Do as CatholicsFr. Joe Fessenden

Now that the altar and the gifts have been prepared, the Mass proceeds with the Eucharistic Prayer – this is actually the high point of the Mass I mentioned a few weeks ago. I will explain that further and in more detail in the coming weeks as I walk through the Eucharistic Prayers in detail with you. For now, though, I want to talk about the options you might hear. The Church offers four principal Eucharistic Prayers (I-IV) and several others for specific uses (e.g., Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation and various Eucharistic Prayers for Special Needs).