Adult Confirmation

Baptized adult Catholics who have received First Holy Communion, but lack the Sacrament of Confirmation must complete the interview prior to attending the preparation.

Next Steps

  1. Read in entirety the material on "Adult Confirmation Preparation and Requirements." Check the dates that classes are offered and be sure you have no conflicts. Attendance at all sessions is required. Other parishes offer classes at different times/days - it may be necessary to prepare elsewhere if you are not able to fit our schedule into your commitments.
  2. Schedule an interview by either e-mail or phone call to the parish office. All interviews are by appointment only. The interview is with the Director of Education.
  3. Complete the interview. Please note that interviews are made with the expectation that if you must cancel or re-schedule, that you give at least 8 hours notice. This will help us with scheduling, and prevents unnecessary evening hours.
  4. Order your new Baptism certificate w/notations by contacting the church where you were baptized. You may have the new certificate mailed directly to the Director, scanned & e-mailed, or bring it by yourself. Do not bring your old certificate issued at the time of your baptism as a child, or your First Holy Communion certificate: these are unacceptable. This requirement applies to all adult Catholics, regardless of country of origin.
  5. Classes run on Tuesdays in the Adult Education Wing at Saint Rose of Lima Parish. Entrance opposite Stonewall Avenue.

Adult Confirmation Schedule

Adult Confirmation preparation will begin in Winter 2014, concluding the first half of May (Actual Adult Confirmation Mass is set by the Bishop of the Diocese). Please see information below on specific due dates and schedule.


  • Adult Confirmation Interviews:
  • Baptism Certificates Deadline:
  • Sponsor Information Deadline:


Adult Preparation Classes at Saint Rose of Lima. Preparation includes 12 sessions:

  • Dates:
  • Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Adult Confirmation Mass

  • Date:
  • Times: