Adult Confirmation Preparation

STOP: This is not R.C.I.A. If you are not Catholic and seeking more information or if you are Catholic and lacking both First Holy Communion and Confirmation or lacking Holy Communion only, go to the "RCIA/Becoming Catholic" page under Adult Education of this website.

Adult Confirmation

In Confirmation the individual’s baptism is reinforced, or sealed. This sacrament, like baptism, may only be celebrated once. It is closely linked with baptism in that there is an anointing with oil (Chrism), laying on of hands, and special activity of the Holy Spirit. When celebrated apart from Baptism & First Holy Communion, the bishop or a priest designated by him is the minister of Confirmation.

The length of preparation and formation is dependent upon the catechetical needs of the individual, but for most it is comprised of the scheduled sessions, including an evening of prayer.

Why Preparation?

The sacraments of the Church presuppose faith. Knowledge informs faith, and in turn, faith informs action. In order for us to approach the sacraments we need to understand what we are receiving, why we are receiving it, what the spiritual gains are, as well as the expectations. For many adults, it has been some time since they have had a formal instruction in the Church's teaching and beliefs & practices. For those who lack the sacrament of Confirmation, an updating of their knowledge of the faith is in order prior to sacramental preparation. This provides a solid foundation upon which they will base their sacramental life and moral living.

What is Included in the Preparation?

At Saint Rose of Lima, we are committed to providing sound, thorough preparation regardless of how abbreviated the time. Because of time & resource constraints, some topics are presented as overviews, requiring candidates to invest in their own preparation through personal reading and study. Classes are interactive and require full participation by the candidates in discussions, activities, and lectures. Preparation includes study of the following topics:

  • Creed
  • Trinity
  • Christology
  • Mary & Saints
  • Tradition & Scripture
  • Grace & Sacrament
  • Baptism & Confirmation
  • Reconciliation & Anointing of Sick
  • Eucharist/Mass
  • Prayer
  • Marriage/Holy Orders
  • and a retreat