The Blessed

01-29-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples,

The sermon on the mount begins with the beatitudes. Jesus presents different forms for a disciple to be blessed in relation with God’s Kingdom. These forms illustrate the way the disciple lets himself be guided by the values of the kingdom, not by a specific virtue of the kingdom. 


He Stood for the Truth and Paid the Consequences!

01-22-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples,

John the Baptist, sent to prepare the way of the Lord, seals his mission with his own blood, the ultimate sacrifice. In a god-forsaken region, the Galilee of the gentiles, where adultery wasn't a big deal, he stood for the truth about marriage ("It is not lawful for you to marry your brother's wife").


The Lamb of God

01-15-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow Disciples, peace.

Presenting Jesus as the "Lamb of God", John the Baptist calls attention to an event in the past. The people of God, when about to be set free from slavery in Egypt, get orders to slaughter a lamb and to use its blood to mark the doors of their houses to be spared by the angel of death. Jesus' mission is to "take away the sin of the world". His blood poured out from the cross will brings salvation to those who accept to be marked with it.


We Came to Adore Him

01-08-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear Fellow disciples,

Epiphany in Greek means manifestation. The unknown makes itself', himself known. Manifests himself. The epiphany of Jesus means his acknowledgement by a group of "unknown" people who, guided by a star, come from faraway to adore Him.

They searched for the newborn "king of the Jews", but found a poor and fragile baby.


Mary, the Holy Mother of God

01-01-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Nunes

Dear fellow disciples, peace, peace, peace!

Since 431 A.D (Council of Ephesus) the Church believes, proclaims, declares and celebrates Mary as the Theotokos, the bearer of God or the Mother of God. In fact in declaring the divinity of Christ, as God, it was just fitting to admit that Mary is, as a consequence of Him, the Mother of God.

The blessing that God gives to Moses to bless the Israelites takes form and flesh in the person of Mary, the kecharitomene, the full of grace and blessed among women. The one chosen from David’s house and descendents to be the bearer of the author of all grace. The one who waited the fullness of time to see the fulfillment of all prophecies about the Messiah. Not knowing that she would play a crucial role in the economy of salvation.