The Holy Rosary

09-30-2018Pastor's LetterFr. John Sims Baker

October is the month of the Holy Rosary, and it provides an opportunity for another lesson in our parish School of Prayer. The Holy Rosary is a very versatile prayer, suitable for just about any age or situation. The Holy Rosary is thus particularly fitting as a basis for family prayer. If we have gotten out of the habit of family prayer (or have never established a habit of family prayer), the Holy Rosary can give you a simple way to start anew. It is a prayer that every age can join in. It is contemplative and vocal at the same time. I could go on and on about the Holy Rosary as a basis for family prayer.

In any case, I would like to help you to get started. Fr. Joe, Deacon John, Deacon Pete, and I are going to make ourselves available to come to homes to pray the Holy Rosary with families. Of course, in a parish of 2500+ families, this could take a while! But that is no reason to delay starting! If you would like one of the priests or deacons of the parish to come to your home to pray the Holy Rosary with your family, please call the parish office. Each of us will give dates that we are available to the office, and the office staff will coordinate the date and time.

We will be coming only for prayer. Please do not feel like you have to offer any sort of hospitality or make any sort of special effort. We simply want to be with the families of the parish for prayer. That's it. We will bring everything that is needed so no need for you to rush out to get anything. Don't worry if you have never prayed the Holy Rosary before. That is why this is a School of Prayer! We will simply pray together, and perhaps this experience will help you to pray together as families. If you wish, we can bless your homes while we are with you.

By the way, a "family" can be as large or as small as you like: from 1 to 100! And please be patient. I hope that we are so busy with this project that it takes us a long time -- we may still be doing this in October 2020! In the meantime, you can get the habit underway.


Fr. Baker