Week of June 18

06-18-2017Haiti NewsFr. Andre

Dear brothers and sisters of Saint Rose, I hope this will find all the parishioners of Saint Rose well. I am writing on behalf of all my parishioners. I want to tell you that your prayers and your financial support have made a great difference in the lives of the people of Robillard. I cannot imagine the survival of the parish of Robillard without your support. We are very grateful to you. There are a lot of things that we are grateful for:

  1. Food for the children: thank you so much for having sent money to buy food for the children of our parish school throughout of the school year 2017. As you know, without food, the children cannot do well at school. What you might take for granted in US is a privilege for us in Haiti. Did you know that many children in Robillard go to school without having any food to eat? The nutritious meal may be the only food they may have all day.
  2. Salary for Rose-Merci Clinic: thanks for your generous donations. We were able hire doctors, nurses and lab technicians who provide health care to the population of Robillard 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Before you got involved in health care many people of Robillard died prematurely because they did not get basic health care. I want you to know that you are saving lives in Robillard.
  3. The truck that you sent. Did you know that the common way of transportation in Robillard is by motorcycle? Did you know that the only truck in Robillard is the truck of the parish of Robillard? Did you know that the truck of the parish of Robillard is used as an ambulance for the transportation of the very sick people to the Hospital of Milot or the Hospital of Cap Haitian? I am pleased to inform you that the people of Robillard are very grateful to you for the truck that you have just sent for the parish, because it will be used not only for the needs of the rectory but also for those of the general population. THANKS A LOT FOR THE TRUCK. THANKS A LOT FOR THE TRUCK. THANKS A LOT FOR THE TRUCK. In return, we can only pray for you. You can rely on our daily prayers. May the God of the poor bless all of those who contributed to help us get that truck!
  4. Your shipment of supplies in the sea container. I am pleased to inform you that we received the supplies that you sent in the sea container for us. The staff of Rose Merci Clinic are very happy and they will send you a personal thank you note for all the supplies that they received for the clinic. Some school supplies will be distributed to kids at the end of June when they will receive their report card. The rest will be used by teachers in September. Eugenie (Bounette) is very happy to receive a lot supplies for the preschool. Thank you so much for all the items that I will use at the rectory. The soccer balls will make the youth very happy.

We want you to know that you are making a big difference in the life of the people of Robillard. May God continue to bless all of you!

Father Andre, asylvestre9@gmail.com