Week of June 25

06-25-2017Haiti News

At Notre Dame de la Merci the Preschool option and Kindergarten option enroll about 52% of the children in the area. The Primary Grades or Fundamental level makes up grades 1-6. It is mandatory that every child from age 6 to 11 go to school. Some children go to the public school or others private schools. However, the reality is only 50% go as far as 6th grade. The children drop out due to the need to take care of younger siblings. Or, because the tuition and uniforms are too expensive. Others may drop out one year and return the next year. It is not unusual for a 16 year old to be in 6th grade. A National Test is given at the end of 6th grade. In the past 7 years, EVERY CHILD in 6th grade at Notre Dame de la Merci has passed the National Test.

Attending Secondary School is unusual. Notre Dame doesn't have the space nor qualified teachers to offer the Secondary programming. Children attend a local secondary school or ride into Cap-Haitien for school. Sixeme, which would be our equivalent of 7th grade is followed by Cinqieme, (8th), and Katrieme (9th). To go on to the next level another National Test must be passed.

They then go to Twaziem, Seconde, then Retro when they must pass a National Test. The final year is called Filo when they again take a National Test. All the testing happens at the end of June. From there students can go into Professional Schools, the universities or Technical Schools. There is a very detailed examination at the completion of study including a lengthy oral examination to measure your comprehension of History, current conditions of Haiti and a command of your area of study.