Week of June 11

06-11-2017Haiti News

Imagine it is the Spring of 2003. Five Saint Rose parishioners arrive in Haiti to meet the community of Notre Dame de la Merci. There has been sporadic communication for the past ten months. No pictures have been exchanged. Most of the correspondence has been about needs under a list heading "WE HAVE NOTHING; WE NEED ANYTHING". The correspondence is full of gratitude to God and our shared faith. The 5 member team feels awe that they are on the brink of knowing God in another world very foreign to what they know. Even well-meaning family members have expressed caution about the team even going to this country known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Even the recommended vaccines and precautions raise warnings.

In her journal, Marion Sheehan, age 70, writes this reflection: "Jesus told his Disciples that they did not choose Him, but He chose each of them to go and bear fruit. And their journey begins. Throughout the days that follow, the team members live among the Haitians. Boundaries blur as those who came to serve are being served. The last day of this first trip, Marion writes: "Jesus remains with us and tells us that no one will take our joy away from us. We all feel joy. Joy? In the midst of such sorrow? Starvation? Disease? Suffering? Yes, joy. Without exception, our missionaries return home with joy. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti are joyful in the Lord! Hopeful people. Joy!!

God has blessed us here at St Rose and has chosen us to minister to the poor in Haiti. Whether you travel to Haiti or serve our brothers and sisters here at home, know that your participation in this ministry changes lives. He chose us to be involved and He remains with us until the end of all ages. Alleluia!

Fr Andre, Pastor in Haiti, has requested to travel to Murfreesboro July 19-24. We look forward to his visit.