Week of January 15

01-15-2017Haiti News

We are pleased to report that due to the overwhelming generosity over the years from you, the parishioners, we were able to purchase Father Andre a much needed new (to him) truck. The truck is vital to both Father Andre and the community. His current truck is to the point where repairs are needed almost weekly. In Haiti, they don't have the means or ability to fix vehicles as we can here. They have to pull parts from other cars and do makeshift repairs just to get by. Recently one of his tires actually came off while he was driving!

The new vehicle is a 2005 Chevy diesel truck, four-door extended cab with practically new tires. These features are important for many reasons. The roads are difficult to navigate due to the rough terrain. He uses it as a means to transport patients to the outlying hospitals as well as medical clinic staff to sick patients who can't make the journey to the clinic. He also travels to bring food, medicine, and other supplies to the church and community. As you can see, this is a huge blessing for our friends in Robillard! Thank you again for your generosity!