Week of January 1

01-01-2017Haiti News

Pope Francis calls us to open our eyes to God's tenderness so that, "We too will become more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness, and love."

In response, we have two teams that are planning trips to Haiti. The first team will leave in early February to supervise the building of a house, train midwives and investigate the feasibility of solar energy to bring electricity to other buildings in the church compound.

The team members are Marla West, Mike Jones, Jim Centanni and Rusty Vance. Our Haitian brothers will make the concrete blocks by hand using forms. This will require 3 weeks to do. When the team arrives, Fr. Andre will have the builders ready to work. At the same time, Marla will work with midwives and staff from the Maternity Center. Mike will be busy taking photos of the school children. Jim and Rusty will be measuring, determining where solar panels can be placed and estimate the number of panels needed.

Please offer your prayers for these team members. As always, team members pay all costs for their travel, room and board.