Thank You

04-22-2018Haiti News

Thank you, St. Rose Parishioners, for your generous response to our collection of items to ship to Haiti. Thanks to Frank Bordash for organizing and running the show. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us pack, seal boxes, label and load the truck. And thanks to Gary Wisniewski for trucking our shipment to a warehouse. At the warehouse, all parishes supporting a sister parish in Haiti bring their items, too.


About the Mass: The Institution Narrative

04-15-2018What We Do as CatholicsFr. Joe Fessenden

Before we dive into the individual Eucharistic Prayers, I want to look at the middle portion that all of them have in common, the institution narrative, the consecration when the bread and wine truly become the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ.

From there, the Canon proceeds into the Institution Narrative and the Consecration. Nicholas Gihr, in his book The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, poetically describes this moment of the Mass: