Week of May 14

05-14-2017Haiti News

The Haiti Committee would like to wish all of our Moms a Happy Mother's Day and to thank you for all you do. We also ask for you to think of our Mothers in Robillard today as we celebrate, and pray for them for continued peace and comfort as they care for their children. Have a wonderful day!

Week of April 16

04-16-2017Haiti News

As we celebrate Easter with our families this year, let usremember our family in Haiti. We are so blessed in this countrywith easy access to the basic necessities of life. They struggleeveryday to meet these needs, but they have such faith in what God has promised us all through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. Thank you for continuing to support our brothers and sisters in Robillard, and pleaseinclude them in your thoughts and prayers this Easter weekend. God bless!

Week of April 9

04-09-2017Haiti News

Marion Sheehan was an energetic woman who loved serving God. In 2002, she offered to help raise the customary gift of $2000 to send to our sister parish in Haiti. Not knowing anything about the country or the sister parish, she sought info. There was little info available. But, she persisted. At a diocesan conference for women she was introduced to another "missionary" to Haiti who enthusiastically began to share her experiences in Haiti. The woman began with, "When you go to Haiti…" At that moment Marion thought, "Wait a minute, I am not GOING to Haiti." Within 4 months she was communicating with a priest at the parish Notre Dame de la Merci in Robillard, Haiti. Thus, began a ministry which to this day is going strong. In her time as leader, Marion organized fundraising to build a Clinic which is fully staffed. Other classrooms were added. Buildings were repaired and painted. Electricity was expanded from a single generator. Clear water flows from four wells.